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Welcome to the State of Connecticut Insurance Department on-line complaint system. The Insurance Department licenses insurance companies, brokers, agents and adjusters to operate in Connecticut. If you believe that one of these licensees has failed to act in accordance with your contract or Connecticut Insurance Laws and Regulations, we urge you to file a complaint.

If you do not have a complaint against a specific licensee but are looking for general information about insurance, please click the Ask Question link on our web site at

Filing a complaint:

There are several other ways to submit a complaint to the Insurance Department, and these may be found at, but you are strongly encouraged to file your complaint online. It is easy to do and saves the time and expense of mailing a paper form or letter. After you complete your complaint on-line, it will be assigned to an examiner the next business day. They will contact you via e-mail with information on how the complaint process will proceed. As we will be contacting you via e-mail, you must have a valid e-mail address in order to complete the on-line complaint form.


After entering information about your complaint, you will have the opportunity to attach copies of any available material/documents pertinent to and in support of your complaint, for example: repair estimates, police report, premium receipts, medical bills, contracts, correspondence you have written or received or any other documentation relevant to your complaint. These materials must be in an electronic format (scanned) in order to be attached. The materials must also be on the computer that you are using to enter this complaint.

If you wish to attach documents electronically, but have not yet scanned them, please do so before starting the complaint entry process. If you cannot attach documents to your complaint electronically, you may mail or fax them to the Insurance Department but please wait until the examiner contacts you with your file number so that you can reference it on the documentation that you submit.

Please Note: Each section must be completed within 30 minutes. If more time is needed to complete a section, you must click either the Next or Back buttons at the bottom of the screen to reset the timer. If you do not click either button within 30 minutes, data entered on the previous screen(s), including the current screen will be lost and you will have to start over. Therefore, it is in your best interest to complete your entire complaint within 30 minutes.